Sax Shop

Ambasdor Case

Review by Stephen Page

When I saw that Jack Finucane, owner of the Boston Sax Shop, was designing a compact case, I was immediately intrigued. Having been in search of a replacement for my own very well used, compact travel case, the list of features Jack was including in his design was exactly what I was hoping for: a case with a small footprint, ample storage, great protection, and instrument security.


I’ve been living with the case for six weeks, and have been quite impressed with everything about it. The exterior is wrapped in automotive interior grade synthetic leather, which looks and feels great while being exceptionally durable. Perhaps my favorite detail on the case is the four butterfly latches, which are extremely secure. I also greatly appreciate the attention to detail in that Mr. Finucane has included a latch on the at the bottom of the case, near the instrument’s bow, adding to the security of the case in a significant way.


The interior of the case is well padded and form-fitting. My Yamaha EXII fits securely, with no excess motion when opened or closed. The areas I tend to look at more closely in terms of protection within the case are the bow, bell rim, and receiver areas. All three are well padded, with plenty of clearance from the shell, serving to keep the horn well protected in the event of an impact. The included neck bag is thoughtfully designed, keeping the neck secure within the bell of the instrument.


The double handles on the outside are also well planned, and allow for an easy and comfortable carry, while also adding security. If one were to forget the latches, the handle design means the case will still stay closed. The exterior strap rings allow for the included straps to be used in either an over the shoulder arrangement, or as a full backpack style setup. Both are comfortable and secure, thanks to the included straps and also the fail-safe braided wire loops.

Finally, the outer pocket is the show-stopping element on the case. Where many cases fail, this one excels. The outer pocket is large enough to carry everything I need on a daily basis: mouthpiece, reed cases, neck strap, and more, with room to spare.


Beyond the case itself, my experience ordering and communicating with Jack through the process was exceptional. This is clearly someone who values customer experience and feedback, with a clear vision of consistency and satisfaction for their clientele.  For more information, please visit

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