By Paul Haar

Joel Frahm is a recognized modern-masters of the tenor saxophone.  His combination of sound, technique, and melodicism places him in a category with history's elite.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with the tenor titan this past spring, before his performance at the Jewel Jazz Club in Omaha.  As an interviewer, I have to say I couldn't ask for a more gracious, engaging, or humble subject.  It was my intention to enter this interview as a conversation.  I had not created questions and didn't come to the interview with preconceived expectations.  I wanted the interview to be spontaneous.  Well, that's just what I got.  It wasn't until that evening that I discovered that the camera had failed around the 30-minute mark.  Fortunately, I also keep a separate audio file of every interview.  So, you can hear part two of the complete interview in audio form.  Please enjoy the amazing Joel Frahm.