From the Editor

I created magazine in August of 2017 as a way to share both my passion for the saxophone and to offer the saxophone community a resource they could trust. I wanted to provide inspirational interviews with major figures on our instrument, discover new products and review them in a professional and non-biased manner, and offer others the opportunity to learn.  


Where I have been blessed to visit many places and achieve many things, I see myself as an eternal student.  This magazine is based on an unending desire to learn more about the saxophone. I want to learn, discover, investigate, but also to share.  



This magazine has no agenda other than to promote and celebrate all things saxophone.  We don't push a singular pedagogy or champion one idiom of music. We invite all and we welcome all, because great music can never happen with division or prejudice.  


Additionally, we don't accept product advertisements.  We didn't see how we could accept advertising dollars one minute and then provide an accurate and honest product review the next.


We offer a yearly subscription which allows you not only access to a year's worth of content, but to all past content.  As long as space allows, we will continue this practice. Why?  Because we want to bring the vast world of the saxophone a little closer together.  Because together we grow; together we learn, and together we succeed.  We welcome your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions.  


We hope you enjoy our magazine and always who you are and keep the reed wet!


Dr. Paul Haar