Commonly Asked Questions

Is the magazine offered in print format?​

No we do not offer The Saxophonist in hard copy/print format.  The cost associated with producing a physical hardcopy of a magazine is very high, as is postage and shipping.  We felt the accessibility of the web was the perfect vehicle to provide the breath and depth of content.

Do you sell advertising?

We do not sell advertising for two main reasons.  First, we know that most people hate those annoying pop-up advertisements commonly seen on websites.  More importantly, we felt that it was a conflict of interest to accept advertising money from a company and still be able to offer an objective and unbiased review of their product.  

How can I get my product reviewed in your magazine?

You can contact us at: and inquire about setting up a review.  It is helpful if you have information (print, electronic or website) that you can direct us to, to help familiarize us with your product.  

What is involved with a product review?​

A typical product review can take 2-6 weeks depending on the nature of the product.  In the case of instrument, mouthpiece and other tone-producing products it is important for us to acclimate to the product and try them out in a variety of settings.


After the play test phase of the review is done, we will then photo (we like to do this ourselves to show you what we observe)  the product and then do a video review to share with you the tonal and physical characteristics of the product.  Upon completion of the video, products are returned to the manufacturers. We ask that you provide a return shipping label or make arrangements with your preferred carrier for pick up.

How can I have my CD or book reviewed?

You can send physical/hard-copies to us, just email us for the shipping address.  If it is easier, you can send completed PDF and digital downloads via our website. Physical products will not be returned without a request and return postage.

How can I contribute an article or idea to your magazine?​

We welcome authors and contributors.  If you have an article you would like to contribute you can contact us via our email address. We may ask for a brief CV and/or example of your playing if applicable. Artistic and scholarly integrity is paramount at The trust of our readers is at the forefront of everything we do.