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They say there are two important dates in your life: one is when you are born and the other is when you realize why.  I am not going to say I was born to conduct this interview but it sure makes me thankful that it happened.  This interview took place on October 16, 2018, in Revelli Hall on the campus of the University of Michigan and would not have been possible were it not for Tim McAllister.  He set it up and it was agreed that we would hold it after one of Professor Sinta's daily practice sessions.   I will apologize for any stuttering or stammering on my part during the interview, as I was tremendously nervous. Up until the interview, Donald Sinta was a two-dimensional figure, relegated to an album cover.  Then, suddenly, I found myself pulling up to the hall hearing Tim say, "Here we are, and I can see him waiting for us." There are many legendary stories about Professor Sinta and I am sure they are a mix of fact and fiction. Let me say I found him to be utterly charming, infectious with his love of music, and encyclopedic in his knowledge of the saxophone.  I will never forget a comment Tim made before we left the car to meet Sinta. He said, "You know Paul, sometimes I think he just loves it more than I do."  I didn't understand this statement at the time.  After viewing this interview you will discover what he meant and it will be obvious, Prof. Sinta loves it more than any of us.  Please enjoy the interview.